Wednesday, November 16, 2011

All set - to start our North East India Adventure

Brajesh & I are so excited about having won the "Be the Wanderers" contest and bagging the opportunity to travel the North East.

Over the next 10 days, we will drive over 2000kms : Guwahati - Tezpur - Balipara - Nameri - Kaziranga - Mon - Shangnyu - Longwa - Mon - Kaziranga - Shillong - Cheerapunjee - Shillong - Sualkuchi - Guwahati.

We are doubling back in between, because of the current situation in Manipur, else we would have completed an entire circuit.

Normally, when the two of us plan a holiday. One of us takes charge, the other gives his/her input and then we keep discussing it to make alterations if any and come up with an extremely detailed plan on how to spend every hour of each day. We start by 8am and go one till 10pm or so and try to pack in as much as we can.

Given our multiple interests of history, architecture, art, culture, food, theater, sports (Brajesh only) , nature, books etc etc, our holiday schedules are so gruelling that our family gets exhausted just by hearing our plans and then when we bombard them with photos on our return :)

So its been a huge problem for us to sit back and let The Wanderers take care of the entire program and scheduling and bookings for us. But now that we have seen it, we are quite happy with it. They have been able to include things, that we may not have been able to do, if we had set off on our own.

The program is not as tightly packed as we normally would do it, but it will give us the time to relax and reflect on each days experiences before turning in for the night.

However the 2 of us are always open to suggestions, so in case you feel that there is something we should not miss, a dish we should definitely try (dog meat and insects are where we draw the line) or a person we should meet - from among the places listed above, do drop us a comment and lets see if we can include that in our itinerary.

Brajesh and I have completely different approaches to packing. He makes lists of what to pack a week in advance and is normally packed 24-48 hours in advance. I refuse to even consider opening a suitcase until the last few hours before its time to leave. He stresses that he may leave something behind, for me as long as I turn off all the electric connections at home (except the fridge) and have my phone, laptop, camera, their chargers, wallet, credit cards and house keys, I'm good to go. At the end of it, we are both equally ready, but I know that if he ever has high blood pressure later in life, my packing habits would definitely be one of the aggravating factors. :)

Given that sunrise and sunset in this part of the country is much earlier than in the rest of India, we need to start early each day and its going to mean a massive change in my sleep cycle, so since I've just finished packing, I should start now and try and get 3 hours shut eye before its time for us to leave.

Stay tuned.

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