Monday, October 10, 2011

ISKCON Temple in Guwahati

The ISKCON (Lord Krishna is the main deity at all ISKCON temples) temple is located within the city, off Ashram Road and on Sarania Hills.
This is the smallest and simplest ISKCON temple I have ever been to. The walls are plain, no works of bas relief or paintings are up on them yet.

The only focal point are the single set of idols of Krishna & Subhadra. This is also one of the rare temples where Subhadra is depicted as the consort of Krishna (at the main idol)- an honour normally reserved for Radha.

The temple is located on top of a hill, so most days, its very quiet. Its not a tourist attraction, so there are very few people around and that just enhances the feeling of peace in this location. The view from the platform behind the temple is lovely, because you realise that you are quite in the center of the city, while at the same time above it all (both literally & figuratively)

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